Southampton Industrial is a unique HVAC manufacturing company. Our approach is not to repeat a limited product line, but to create equipment that addresses the specific needs of our clients on a project by project basis.


The fully custom approach we offer is fundamental to the way we do business, and would not be possible without one very important characteristic: the ability to attract and retain some of the most dedicated and talented professionals in the industry. From sales to engineering through production, the result is the consistent manufacturing of HVAC and automation equipment that exceeds our customers’ highest standards for construction and performance.


At Southampton Industrial we listen carefully to our clients. We also believe it’s important to share our wealth of experience. This open, collaborative approach to evaluating design challenges often leads to uncovering new solutions that might have otherwise been overlooked.


The depth of our automation expertise makes us stand out from other HVAC equipment manufacturers. Our ability to be a reliable single source for both HVAC equipment and control panels provides our clients with a greatly simplified project management experience.

Exhaustive factory acceptance tests are performed with the HVAC equipment and control panels hard wired, tested and witnessed upon request. This comprehensive system testing virtually eliminates complex troubleshooting issues at the job site, eliminating the need to determine responsibilities among multiple contractors.


Southampton Industrial is dedicated to designing and manufacturing with precision, and to ensuring the unique requirements of each and every project have been met. A company-wide quality management system is at the forefront of all operations ensuring the highest standards are met for design, manufacturing and customer satisfaction. This dedication is has resulted in the company being certified to the ISO 9001:2015 international standard for the design and manufacture of custom HVAC and automation equipment.

Our dedicated team of professionals embraces difficult design challenges as part of our everyday course of business. We welcome guests to tour our facility and look forward to discussing solutions on your next HVAC project.

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